Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Chard pie

I actually buckled and bought chard in the store, even though it was trucked from California (forgive me birds and bees...). But we got great mileage out of it, and I finally made a recipe I'd been meaning to try forever. I modded this recipe, since I didn't have any feta, and used a bit of 3 yr old cheddar (there is no going back btw..) and some soft tofu for protein. Don't be scared, it was pretty good. I just upped the salt in the recipe to account for the salt that would have come from the feta and that was that.
Phyllo is fun to work with, silly and time consuming but it looks impressive when it's done. I figure it takes as long as it would to make my own crust, so there you go. Here is our pretty pie before it was devoured. Note the rather awesome Battle of Britain tea towel courtesy of Evan's mom.


EO said...

This photo combines my two favourite things: Swiss chard pie and aerial combat. Huzzah!