Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Like home-sickness, but with dirt under my nails

I am planning a class presentation for the course I'm taking.. a 10 minute mini-lesson on whatever you want. I'm doing 'Advantages of Eating Local Seasonal Vegetables' of course. Searching for content caused me to stumble on several cool bloggers, like My Tiny Plot and Eat Local Northwest. AND to have summer garden-sickness, from sorting through pics.. almost time to start sprouting for next summer! Well, that's a lie, who am I kidding I'm in Calgary.

Ah well, time to turn my mind to the present, to try whackiness such as Old-Fashioned Ginger Ale (fermented like kombucha), and milling my own wheat. Because why do it the easy way! A friend gave me an extra flour mill she had and I could hardly hide my glee at being given a tool I had hoped to have at some point, but seemed too expensive to buy.

Advantages to milling your own wheat:
1) Cheaper. Yes wheat is arguably quite cheap, but organic can be pricey.
2) Tastes better.
3) Stores better. Whole grains store much longer than flour.

Now all I need is a full time baker to make the bread and I'll be set..


Cheryl A said...

Did you know that Hotchkiss was renting out greenhouse space this year?

Anonymous said...

wow that is amazing news. where did you hear about it?? thanks for the heads up!