Friday, October 16, 2009

Rose hips

A bit of warm weather led to a trip to the wild park and two pounds of rose hips picked in 15 minutes. There were thousands of them. So now I have a local source of Vit C over the winter. The internet tells me (so it must be true..) that compared to oranges, hips have 20-40% more vitamin C, 24% more iron, and 28% more calcium. They also contain bioflavonoids (anti-cancer) and B-complex vitamins.

My plan is to dry some for tea, using this technique to remove the hairs inside the hips that tend to itch the throat.

I'm also going to make some syrup to add to drinks when I'm fighting a cold.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Rogue Squash

We made a delightful discovery while harvesting the last of the garden -- a squash gone rogue! We had been disappointed with the apparent lack of squash, despite miles and miles of vines (which I'm sure we should have been pinching back.. ), but as we were bringing in the last tomatoes and root vegetables saw this huge specimen on the other side of the chain link fence in our neighbor's yard. It was a good spot to be, lots of full sun. After a recon mission under the fence, we now have the largest spaghetti squash I have ever seen.

This week we are working our way through a few pounds of carrots... I tried the Moosewood Carrot Mushroom Loaf, which is really nice. It is reminiscent of a nut roast (staple of British vegetarian cookery), but more moist, which I prefer. In the past I've found the nut roasts I've attempted a bit dry. I think next time I'll add some sunflower seed meal and make a hybrid of the two.

On the roster for this week:

A recipe for Beet and Ricotta Risotto that I found in Swerve, a local entertainment newspaper.

Packing for a move to Bowness, my new neighborhood. I'm excited to have a dishwasher for the first time since I moved out of my parents' place twelve years ago. I'm excited to be able to walk to Cadence Coffee and the Irish Cultural Centre, where they have Guinness on tap. I'm excited to be in a part of the city that feels rather 'townish' and yet is, technically, still inner city.

Question: Is it really so insane to pack up the compost pile for the move? (I got some funny looks when I announced my plans over family dinner.. ) So much work and vegetable goodness went into that thing!