Saturday, August 30, 2008

ah, the internets.

Today as I peeled almonds, I thought, "I am insane." It took 20 minutes to do half a cup. But I also wondered about where I would be without the internets... How else would I have learned how to blanch almonds in such an annoying and time consuming fashion? It did save me a trip to the store, so that's something..
Over the last few months, I have googled my way through gardening, canning and all kinds of diy projects. Someone has actually written a book about the big influence the internet has had on the "sustainable food movement", as treehugger calls it. Check it out, yo. It's called Cultivating the Web. Sounds interesting.

Sweet Beet Preserve

I have 20 lbs (!) of beets to process, and want to make something other than pickled beets, since there's a limit to how many picked beets two people can eat :) So I'm going to try Sweet Beet Preserve, in addition to the old reliable Moosewood Borscht recipe.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Wild Rosehips

Well I am up to my elbows in veggies right now.. it's a mad rush to preserve the beautiful harvest, but I'm already thinking ahead to the wild rosehip season. Rosehips are a great source of Vitamin C, and I think there is something a bit magical about eating flowers. I've had rosehip jelly before and it is yum, a lot of work from what I hear but worth the trouble. I hear it's best to harvest after the first frost. Won't be long now.. I think I'm going to start with Rosehip Syrup.