Thursday, June 18, 2009

Why I pay 5.50 for a dozen eggs

I enjoyed this kitchn post on the many considerations at play in our food choices. 'Why I pay 7.50 for a dozen eggs' So many discussions I have with people curious about organic food revolve around whether it's worth the money. The idea that we should always pay as little as possible for everything, especially food, is so ingrained into our cultural psyche it is difficult to even recognize. However the negative consequences of that kind of thinking can be seen all around us, especially in the lives of farmers and agricultural workers. Free market captialism at its worst squeezes profits out of any exchange of capital, since the system requires profits to always go up in order to benefit shareholders. Unfortunately the most easily squished parts of the system are human beings; usually the human beings who are most vulnerable. I learned a great deal about what is going on in Canada and Alberta from Yessy Byl, a lawyer with the Alberta Federation of Labour. She discusses the problems with the current temporary foreign worker program at


Cheryl Arkison said...

I should see if The Eggman (what we call him) delivers in your neighbourhood. We get a biweekly delivery of 2.5 dozen eggs - fresh from his farm, free-range, and unpasteurized - for $5. Oh, and delivered to our door. They may not be pretty on the outside and aren't graded, but they are damn tasty.

Anonymous said...

That's an amazing price, yes please ask! I am currently in Bridgeland but hoping to move to Bowness this year..