Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Blueboxing

Did you know that there is an entire phenomenon on the internets called unboxing, wherein people document reverentially removing a new gadget from the box? Wacky. Well I guess everyone has their thing, because I actually screamed out loud when we pulled up to the house this afternoon and saw someone unloading our big blue recycling bin. Curbside recycling has come to pass in this city of giant malls, trucknuts (yes, I actually saw 'a pair'... shudder... the other day) and no garbage bag limits. So here you have, ladies and gentlemen.. the first blueboxing.

It took us about four minutes to fill it. I think it'll be a few more weeks before the basement is free of a thousand yoghurt containers. For an interesting look at residential waste in Alberta, take a look at Evan Osenton's (disclosure: I am marrying this person in three weeks) feature on the subject in Albertaviews, Beyond Landfill.


Katharine said...

I'm so excited about curbside recycling in Calgary. I don't drive... so no more having to take my recyclables for a walk every Saturday morning to the bins down the street. Sadly, I'm still waiting for my blue bin... I think my area might be last on the list... :(

nicole said...

yeah...happy wedding and happy recycling!