Thursday, April 23, 2009

Slow Down

.. this was the general message of Carl Honore at last night's talk at the Public Library. **sidenote, the library's community relations guy gave a plug for the library as an important centre for public life, and he was pretty convincing. I'm looking forward to what happens when the central library expands. I have paid for most of the expansion in fines, so I might as well enjoy it. Ha! I kill me. anyway..** Honore's book covers the slow movements that have taken root around the world. Did you know that in Japan there is a Sloth Club? Love it. Honore is quite a good speaker, what with his stories of divorce proceedings begun because the wife had checked her blackberry during an intimate encounter... or the emergence of DRIVE-BY FUNERALS.. you cannot make this stuff up. He pointed out that more and more brain research shows that the human mind really suffers when multitasking, and actually ends up performing tasks slower and less effectively. Sounds familiar. I'm looking forward to slowing down in the garden this summer.

Here he is speaking at TED.