Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spring is sproinging

I have pussy willows in the back yard which I take as a good sign of things to come! Here is a pic of the good times to hold me through the delirious highs and soul crushing lows of the next month, which is sure to be full of gorgeous sun and mud followed by snow and frost.. As my friend Karen said, in Calgary you learn to hold the current conditions lightly and not get too attached, because they are sure to change..

The growing interest in local issues and connecting with one's food supply is starting to gain traction in the mainstream, even in Cowtown, AB, "The Texas of Canada" as Wonkette so aptly put it.

This week's Fast Forward Magazine, the local entertainment paper which, interestingly, has become the best source of critical local journalism around town (aside from the vaunted Alberta Views of course..), features an 'Activist Guide' with a focus on local food and sustainability issues.

The Rise of the Locavore