Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Local(ish) Hoisin sauce replacement

It has started to bother me that the only things left in the fridge with either high fructose corn syrup or other unpronounceable chemicals in them are sauces. I can make my own vinaigrette etc., but what about some of the things I can't duplicate (no local source of lemongrass or tamarind as far as I know..)?
I just recently got some amazing miso from The Light Cellar. It is out of this world, and I don't care if admitting that makes me a total veggie geek. It is non-soy.. rice and garbanzo beans, produced in Canada although I'm not sure where.
I found a recipe for a stirfry sauce that was really nice:
2 t. green thai curry paste
1/4 c. maple syrup
2 T miso.
It was fabulous, and very reminiscent of hoisin. So from now on, maple syrup and miso will replace hoisin in my recipes. I won't be able to avoid buying some pastes if I want to make asian food.. but I'm happy to find a cheap alternative to buying a sauce shipped from China. Sometimes you gotta start with local continent and work from there..


Melanie said...

What is miso?

Melanie said...

Wow, just read a little closer. Sorry for the redundancy!

Claire said...

It's a fermented bean or grain based paste. yes, it sounds delicious I know.. but really it's pretty tasty stuff if you use it right. Provides a lot of depth to meat free recipes.