Monday, February 16, 2009

Homemade veggie stock concentrate

In my ongoing quest to reduce the number of prefab foods I use, I've given some thought to the prepackaged items I use a lot. One of them is vegetable stock for soups - the options are make your own giant pot and freeze it (time consuming and freezer consuming.. also I rarely plan far enough ahead to defrost a litre of stock in advance..), or buy it premade. I've found the powders and cubes to be lacking in taste and it feels like a silly thing to spend money on. So I'm trying Just Bento's recipe for making your own veggie soup concentrate. I pureed the concentrate to use it for stock, and plan to freeze it in a silicone ice cube trays to avoid having to use plastic wrap.
I'm not sure that I trust silicone, but seems marginally safer than hard plastic for freezing. Are there any ideas out there for freezing without using plastic? It seems to be my biggest food storage conundrum..