Saturday, January 23, 2010

Great Food Blogs

Here are a few blogs I enjoy. 'Tis the season for reading about gardening instead of doing it, and reading about recipes instead of making them..

101 Cookbooks. I made the homemade bouillon this week, it is a great cheat for making stock.

Food in Jars. If I don't have time to can I can at least look at pretty pictures of someone else doing it.

No Recipes. A terrific collection of international un-recipes.

Trout Caviar. Interesting recipes and foraging info, also where I learn about hunting and fishing if I should ever choose to take on such an activity.. I remember one of the food rules suggested to Michael Pollan by readers of the NYTimes. If you want to eat it, you should be able/willing to kill it. Agreed.

The Cottage Smallholder. Many unique recipes for preserves. Pine needle vinegar anyone? Also, pretty pictures of England.

Little House in the Suburbs. ... because they have goats in the back yard.

Dinner with Julie ... because it's Julie. Also: Kale Chips.

Just Hungry
. For all your MSG-free Japanese food recipe needs. Check out the furikake recipes; all kinds of toppings for rice that are easy to take on the road. I made the salted salmon; it was really tasty. Looking forward to trying it with local trout sometime.

Happy reading..


Theresa said...

Hi Claire;

I just wanted to make sure I thanked you here on your blog for the heads up about the YNAB budget software - it's fantastic! I downloaded the trial and loved it so much I bought it. Now that's one thing I can already check off my list, and my 'week of wellness' hasn't even started yet! Many thanks :)

Claire said...

That's fantastic! I wrote you back on your blog :). YNAB was recommended to me by my friend Karen, so I guess I'm paying it forward. I just thought more people should know what a handy little program it is..