Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Eating my way through the season

I really shouldn't be blooging when I have a hundred other things to do. But I miss having a moment to write down my thoughts..

Some recent highlights.. we continue to revel in the season of not buying any veggies from the store; right now there are piles of tomatoes to be eaten. We have been eating mountains of Caprese salad, and last night I tried roasting cherry tomatoes, which was a hit. I didn't have proper goat cheese, but I did have some goat yogurt, which I had bought under the false impression that I could convince myself to enjoy it because it is better for me (less lactose). Bleah. I cannot get used to it. On savory things, no problem. With granola, ew. So I made it into yogurt cheese and it was terrific in the tomato dish.

The one concession I made to actually spending money on produce was to get my yearly three pounds of basil from the farmer's market. I also picked up a few pounds of Alberta garlic from the Hutterites. It is three times stronger than the stuff from China and makes me very, very happy. The basil became pesto, puree with olive oil, basil and garlic oil, and herb vinegar. I froze the first two. The second two recipes are from The Complete Book of Small Batch Preserving.

This Friday, I will be attending a fundraiser for Blue Mountain Farms, who lost most of this year's crop to a nasty hailstorm. I am so happy that this event is happening, I think it shows that the ties between some local farmers and the 'co-producers' in the city are getting stronger. More information is available at Sunnyside Market.


Theresa said...

Oh, you read Albertaviews! I love that magazine :)

We get garlic from our CSA and it is amazing how much stronger it is than the store-bought stuff. Took me a little off guard the first time I found that out, but mmm...mmm, how delicious.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I am rather strongly linked to ABViews.. my husband works there! They work really hard and put out a mag that matters to so many.