Friday, August 14, 2009

Beet Beer

Is it just me or has this blog been a bit booze obsessed lately? Ah well, no need to question that at all.. LOOK WHAT I FOUND! This may be the holy grail of my local foodie aspirations. Beet beer? How crazy is that. Or should I say, wacko. I have participated in beer making, thanks to the ghost of boyfriend past (like the ghost of Christmas past but more awkward on facebook..). It's easier than you'd think. Albeit smelly, or at least grain based-beer is when it's burbling away on the stove. I am getting used to brewing funky concoctions (see kvass, yogurt, vinegar, and kraut..) so what the heck. One day I'll have to take this strange brew on. Also, what a charming website name.. The Local Beet.


Lesley said...

You seriously find the most interesting things to share!

Julie said...

No way - how cool is that!!