Sunday, March 1, 2009

Seedy Saturday

This will be my first year going to Seedy Saturday.. a seed exchange meant to encourage seed collection by local gardeners. One of the reasons community seed banks are necessary is because most of the seeds one buys at the store create plants that produce infertile seeds. This is in suppliers' self interest, because it means you will buy seeds every year. Even seed distributors that appear environmentally friendly can partake in some questionable practices, for example Seeds of Change (which I bought last year thinking they were a good thing..) See Homegrown Evolution's post on the subject. Canada has a national seed bank called The Seed Sanctuary.


Anonymous said...

Oh! Maybe I can come with you. I'm hoping to get a plot in the Community garden this year - I don't know if I will have found out if I get it by then or not.

Anonymous said...

Sounds good! Just let me know if you need a ride :) hope your frikin lazer beam eyes are doing alright..