Monday, February 23, 2009

Peeeeanuuut... peanut butter... (jelly)

Only Canadian children of the eighties would remember the Sharon Lois and Bram song about peanut butter. Tragically I couldn't find it on the internets. I did find THIS however, and it totally cracked me up. Argh, short shorts! Eek, tube socks! Do play it if you'd like to have a horrific eighties jingle in your head for the rest of the day, and vivid flashbacks of after school tv.

OK, back to peanut butter. I may just be getting a tad obsessive about made-from-scratch.. but I do enjoy knowing what goes into the things I eat. Also, made from scratch generally tastes better. I recently made Gomashio and it is really nice. Bonus: it cost $1.50 to make, and is sold in stores for about $6.00 for the same amount.
Elizabeth Seward at Planet Green posted a recipe to make your own peanut butter. Sounds simple enough. I didn't realize I could do this with my food processor. Easy peasy.