Wednesday, September 3, 2008

community fruit harvesting

As it gets colder I've been watching the fruit on the trees in my neighborhood fall and start to rot on people's front lawns. It has crossed my mind to go on a reconnaisance mission in the middle of the night and make some apple butter, but so far I've thought better of it. A group in Toronto has done one better, and has created a service where volunteers harvest fruit for property owners who don't have time to do it themselves. The group gives 1/3 of the harvest to the homeowner, 1/3 to the volunteers, and 1/3 to local food banks.
Not Far From the Tree


Evan said...

I'm in for some 3 AM apple "liberation." When do we go? Seems such a waste to let perfectly good food turn to mush in your lawn. Besides, I have a new balaclava and want to break it in.